We are lawyers serving people with integrity and passion.

We are here to help you find solutions to your problems, give voice to your objectives and dreams, and bring a strategic approach to your opportunities.

We choose to live and practice in a small Minnesota community within our much larger metro area, in order to be close to our clients and their needs.  We know our clients by name and on sight.  We work with families over multiple generations, and businesses over multiple iterations.

Our practice began in Hopkins in 1977, when Nelson Berg brought his North Dakota work ethic to Minnesota.  Now “retired”, Nelson is still one of the hardest working attorneys in the firm, offering guidance and depth stemming from his storied practice and ground-breaking civic engagement.  It continues today with new firm members including 4th and 5th generation practitioners (T.C. Myers IV and V), and other gifted and compassionate attorneys who have chosen to practice with us (Rutz and Tilson-Doheny).

We strive to be fair and thorough, and competent and exhaustive. We work to become integral to your life or business.  We offer you fair rates for the excellent service that we strive to offer you.

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The Berg Myers Team

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